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ddos blocker software ese "feminist movement" father of the epithet, gold is well deserved. From 1909 to 1916, but for seven years, in the proportion of boys from 1:150, narrowed to 1:22, showing how rapid development of women education in the DDOS early years of the Republic. Empowerment of women, must begin with education, women's rights is the goal, is a means of DDOS education, this early feminist could see very clearly. Chinese Government-run Western-style education, Museum of Imperial tungwen College began in 1862, 18 years ago, 1844, United Kingdom Women Organization East girls ' Education Association Member adexi Lady (MissAldersey), created the first girls ' school in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, 1847-1860 in 14 years, trading fiv DDOS e ports, set up by Western missionaries Lady sook, a total of 11. By 1902, the Church schools in the number of girls at all levels, a total of 4,373. The changes in women's lives since the second part of the Qing dynasty (3) Third, the political and social participation Women to receive equal treatment with men in society, advocate and set up schools for women alone, is not enou DDOS gh, after they have awakened in concept, actually to participate in political and social activities of the State contribution to society and the men, that is, in the fight for women's rights, have to women themselves to pay the price. In this connection, during late Qing dynasty and early women's foresight was really done. Above refers to girls traditionally had a conservative, if they can secure a coeducational, the situation will get better. 1911 Division provides only primary schools and children under the age of ten can be Coed, the founding of the R DDOS epublic, have the same requirements. 1915 have high primary school is part of learning, and must not be subject to the same kind of education. Men and women receive the same education in China, was started in 1918, and this year Guangdong Lingnan College co-educational. Hailed as the cradle of the new culture movement of Peking Universi ddos blocker software