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botnet ddos zombie ties, and try to induce his interest, helping the development of individuality, only in this way under the training of children, grow up to be aggressive or achievement motivation. And by DDOS aggressive or achievement motivation, not one of those "don't belong to us, cannot be responsible for yourself," or "built on the others meet" traditional responsibilities, but spontaneously, it represents DDOS a positive thinking and attitudes. Require creators meet, care for the common good, is the fruit of the creativity activities. Second, changing In addition, traditional upbringing, to which children's curiosity and the DDOS cultivation of spirit of knowledge, also apparently overlooked. Children's curiosity and sometimes seen as a taboo, learn most was learning so repeat often, it can not meet the requirements of modern society. And since the Renaissance of the West, Greece culture recur, it provoked the upsurge of knowledge, particularly for the study of the natural sciences, in addition to pharmaceutical and chemical, and almost entirely from the world's curiosity, coupled DDOS with scientific methods of deduction and induction, makes history in the previous step. The Western historical experience, vividly, is enough to stir up our determination to change the traditional way of raising it? Living in the rural and urban environment is very different. This difference is reflected on the upbringing of the child, can have different requirements. Also living in the city, working women and non-working women, the upbringing of children are bound to vary. Now our society, probably the case is: in terms of child rearing, urban families than rural change larger, working women change larger than non-professional women. Of families living in the city, because of the environmental health requirements, in order to save yourself the trouble and the excretion of children training will take a more stringent attitude. Urban life at the same time, the neighbors are with strangers they are not related a botnet ddos zombie