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ddos yogscast eeper than the leg colour. Black stockings are also very useful, when wearing dark clothing and black shoes, black stockings apparel and shoes can be complete and consistent, easy to show overall styling effect. Typically, transparent color silk stockings, easy to emphasize and highlight the leg shape and skin, DDOS and black stockings and transition more conducive to costume connections. In addition, other color stockings match difficult, use with caution.   Elasticity is a measure of stocking quality standards. Flexible depending on the stocking material, coupled with high quality elastic yarn of nylon (Lycra), and DDOS DDOS stockings made of core-spun elastic better, feel softer. In addition, the Lycra content is also very important, high Lycra content, elastic and good compression stockings, chromaticity and breathability are better.   There is also a stocking, felt at first sight very thin and soft, elastic is also very good, but when open with your hand, you will find that fiber density weave very sloppy, this stockings wearing legs could not be formed on the skin like delicate texture, easy to wire. Wearing wire Gou Si glamour stockings will make you big discounts.   Colored or ornamental engraving stockings can add interesting personalities to the leisure suit, suitable for young girls, but it is DDOS best not to do exquisite clothing accessories. For elegant, mature woman, I do not recommend overly fancy stockings, pantyhose manufacturers continue to introduce popular style, we were told by the fashion media "this seasons popular mesh, pattern or color of" Silk stockings, but the more formal occasions, stocking of higher quality and transparency requirements, more calls for simple and traditional style.   Pantyhose wearing way to pay attention to, especially the transparent black silk stockings, docile evenly when you wear leg will "colored uniform." I appreciate a phrase such as: "wear stockings to a sense of ritual." Th DDOS us, every time when I'm wearing stoc ddos yogscast