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yoyo ddos botnet e of a person's life. Traditional ways of raising the first part and its influence The last hundred years, China under the impact of Western culture, that we DDOS almost have no choice of cases, received a new way of life, has entered some new parental attitudes. The current scenario is educated modern family's child-rearing has been partially taken Westerners; lower education levels or conservative families, most of which remains the traditional parenting, hidden problems are many. To explore these issues and suggestions for further improvements, cannot fail to review traditional ways of parenting. Child-rearing problem DDOS s, involve a very broad and peoples DDOS for their own needs, has its own focus on focus. Following the discussion on several points, probably was made against the Chinese tradition focuses on the key. 1. discipline training. In traditional Chinese parental problems, the most important thing is learning moral norms, or Fromm (E.Fromm) term, is to develop "authority of conscience" perfectly. Whether moral norms, or the authority of conscience, for children, studies are only required to comply with, no autonomy. Since the main requirement is complied with, then focus o DDOS f training of children, not independent, but discipline. As previously said, the Chinese way on the inhibition of expression of emotion, which is a means of meeting the requirements discipline. Under the traditional upbringing a child at age five or six, to start a literacy, learning a second basic point, this stage people's attitude towards children, there has been a lot of changes, from the earliest days of indulgence to strict discipline. Once he was sent to school, bundles are tough, "lax teaching, teacher-inert", most parents encourage teachers, kids don't play Builder? Such discipline, mainly trained kids self-discipline, self-discipline ability is stronger, the authorities can be successfully established. Under the focused training, conduct, or character probably may produce the follow yoyo ddos botnet