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ddos botnet vertexnet v1.1.1 titude. Above and beyond reason, traditional family of solutions, is designed to adapt to a Western cultural intrusion caused by the new situation, as well as efforts to rebuild a modern State, an inevitable phenomenon. Recognizing this, the disappear DDOS ance of certain qualities of traditional family, I should say, is a normal phenomenon in the process of social change. Part I know "individual" Second, deserves our special attention is that above traditional family of solutions for various reasons, hav DDOS e all contributed to current social questions the fundamental cause of the generation gap, on forming, long history. Us to close the gap as the new social question is, if it is considered a social ill cannot be right. Accelerating changes in society, it is impossible to avoid the phenomenon. Traditional family of solutions, so co DDOS mmon in Chinese families in recent decades a shadow hanging over, this is, after all, transition, family Solutions Group and family restructuring (FamilyReorganization) is a process of connecting, in the solutions group, parents and children have suffered pain and suffering inherent in restructuring requirements. While the process of restruc DDOS turing process of reconciliation groups almost simultaneously, but to make the restructuring of family life, ability to adapt to the new situation of "personal" concept needs to be about, because of modern Chinese families, must be based on rationalization on a personal basis. Individual concepts into action and appearance of individualism, individual concept is "rational individualism of" rational basis. Individualism (individualism) found in English for the first time the term was Alexis de Tocqueville (AlexisdeTocquerille) Un DDOS ited States democracy in translation, he used the word to describe what he abhors that kind of attitude. Support oppose individualism, rational individualism and are completely different. One of the characteristics of rational individualism and liberal economists Salma Hayek (Friedr ddos botnet vertexnet v1.1.1