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botnet ddos online song and Ming-hui into the mountain So the Crescent Moon will be sitting in the dark before the dawn planned to think about meditation, I kind of "Qing withdrawal On the meditation room, thinking about what religion, philosophy of mind, and the Moon, subtly echoed, weaving While reciting it. I lent it to the inscription, it is because I have understood that the Song has beauty and compassion of the heart and considerate. On clouds and Fitful, shine my return planned feet Step, so I don't think my Wolf Growl at fear "brought" Oh, the wind blows you, you are not cold? Snow invading you, Do you not cold? I thought this DDOS was for the nature, but also the room a warm, deep, thoughtful Minute chants, was cordial and kind DDOS heart praise to the Japanese, so I have books of gift giving. Is famous for its research Botea cherry, to ancient and modern art-learned much knowledge vector daixi ngxiong To express it. When one see the beauty of the snow, and see the beauty of the month, that is, beauty of the four seasons seasons When the principle, if they won because of that beauty, happiness, will be eager to think of yourself My close friends, I hope they are able to share the happiness. This means that, since moving to the United States, Strongly evoked the memories of love. This "friend", or it can be seen as a broad range of "People". In addition, with the "snow, moon, flower ' several words to represent the four seasons, seasonal changes in America, in Japan is a landscape of trees and shrubs, all things in the universe, nature, and people's feelings The United States, the DDOS re are traditional. Japan's tea ceremony is also to "snow month spend when most think of a friend" as its basic A good party. --Oh, by the way, my story of the thousands of cranes, if people thought it was a The spirit, the tea party is "happy", is one of the best friends in good time to call Description of Japan tea "spirit" and the "form" of the United States, it would be a mistake, but rathe botnet ddos online