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botnet based ddos attack ive up the battle, but "lonely fight" and so on DDOS , and Germany pessimistic philosopher Schopenhauer's many ideas: happiness is negative in nature. You want to Lao Zi's "low road philosophy" are very similar. In an era of Schopenhauer's (1788-186 0) no translation of Laozi's philosophy, his thoughts DDOS are by no means come. Both Chinese and Western Coincidence of the great philosopher's view, can only be described as great minds think alike. I'm not "fleshed out" or "has been" chauvinistic, but if you look, It is not difficult to find, the prevailing Western theory of Existentialism and nihilism, deeply of Laozi's theory Imp DDOS act. Father heaven opposites, nature unlimited, limited life, one will never triumph over the days of enlightenment, is Basis of the latest trend of thought in the modern West. I despise material, love nature, advocating the return Protecting the ecological, young people are threatening to go back to nature! Manners, civilized, materialist DDOS ic, beam humanity Nature. Benefit of all cutting-edge material these days, is not also pleaded with him to resist environmental pollution, Tied up for too long, walking in the front end, new people, not buildings, doesn't wear a suit, no tie Not in restaurants, in pursuit of emancipation of the mind and body, seemed to appreciate a "five-colored Blind people, tune deafness, mixed populations enjoy "real meaning. Thought this is only my personal opinion, but with time and two Switzerland writers talking, they Fully agree that DDOS recognition coincides with many Western ideas of Laozi's philosophy and modern Western philosophy Learning, as well as Western abstract painting, are subject to the enlightenment of Laozi's thoughts. Alas, 20th century VIII Today, ten years, Lao Christians have reached the world level. Sun and Moon in the book longer. Love in the book brave new world who desire to see good books is rising, want to buy To possess it. Newspaper ads about his new book, I will play the biggest role. botnet based ddos attack