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how to ddos with a booter be cause for encouragement Talk about light reading experience, I can say that being rich, starting from childhood, until the present Good thing. Problem in how they can, without prejudice to school. God, I haven't look at light reading DDOS habits to stop. Childhood in Si DDOS chuan, is the hard times of the war, people's lives generally become antagonistic According to father cannot afford to buy toys for the children. Primary device is also very poor at that time, the root No library, so students do not have much opportunities to see light readings. Grade four years of primary school, and a high class classmate lent to this poor dog that I, that I Eye-opening, surprised and sighed, knowing there are beautiful books in the world. From that time on, I'm infatuated with light reading. I happen to step XIII of the teacher is to encourage kids to extracurricular books, he told me Love, went looking DDOS for some books to lend me the so DDOS ul of black slaves, and the floating Robinson Little readers, Zhu ziqing's essays and the like. He told me to see cues to be without prejudice to the normal work Streaming in mind ', ' little women ' and ' the Sea Wolf ' and its author's works, such as bing Xin, the sending As the principle, but also a good book without looking at the bad book, "worse than the poison and harm no one. "He's always It said. Told me not to look at the surface of the story, after reading you want to use the brain to think about what it means. So, although I was on cues to Ecstasy, enthusiastic guidance because there is such a good teacher, has be DDOS en a At home, father us very demanding. His idea is that children are supposed to put the whole spirit and Read more suitable for my level and the age of the book, as regards roses, strike to steal obscene books, I've never seen Set down on the work of school, shouldn't see light readings, and that light reading content is nonsense for eight Road, bad kid, so I see is strictly prohibited. If the spies caught, not how to ddos with a booter