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grim booter ddos ere is beauty in it was also said that "this is a lie. Secondly, the study results and don't expect too much. There is an old saying in China called "book Correct reading attitude DDOS was: free to read. Do not read books, a waste of time, it would be a shame. A DDOS s to whether the study learn? Should still believe the ancients said: "giving their friends is not any benefits, Americans reading attitude was desirable, that Americans as a part of life reading [Switzerland], Chao Shu-hsia Light reading The so-called "light reading" books is what I mean. General literature, novels, poems, Drama, prose, etc, should be in it. Maybe discuss the works of accomplishment in life can barely count People during the adolescent period, because curiosity demands, few don't like light reading. If "Classics", but due to the interest and not directly related, that's it for the "cues". Also interesting. People not interested in light readings, if you really DDOS haven't seen, it must be short of ideas, Just eat, sleep and work, for the outside world does not know, lack I have met people like that, don't know the mind and spirit in the world? As if alive Knowledge lack vocabulary, say surprisingly shallow, and the content is boring to people who want to take a NAP, Until he himself was proud to say: "those ' cues ' what's the use? I didn't see And it doesn't interest me. When DDOS I was a student I was this good student, all of the time is spent in school On. "I don't understand the reason why he is so interesting without thinking. Of course, like the One, they have been campaigning for someone who is a good student, light reading may not be needed. But I'm He saw some light readings, conversations will be rich in content, beautiful temperament, see Solutions will be profound. Today's young people, because the school's academic DDOS workload pressures, since the day school opened Start, busy is the school thing: mug when primary school, good for future Junior high school, junior high s grim booter ddos