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how to ddos a website may also be more deeply than the general reader. (From the Emerald Dream, China friendship publishing company 1988 Edition) Reading gossip I acted in many things, not a man of perseverance, said writing a Bill, Today, tomorrow, a fishing net, says says suddenly, painting pictures, painted with paint and drop the color wheel write Up. Only for one item, I can accept that DDOS he has been very persistent. Childhood in Sichuan, is the Sino-Japanese war was the most difficult time, let alone on the market Was no child's toy, is see also can't afford to buy. The small town where we live is known as Area, except for a few big schools, best DDOS expresses cultural atmosphere of the place is a few bookstores. Found treasure: plays, novels, Lu Xun, BA Jin, what a charm it! Before I was ten years old I didn't know what culture, but most favorite thing to do is book store DDOS --where Look at these books, fairy tale is adults only. Then I moved to a bookstore next door, I asked my boss and buddy makes pretty well, unfortunately I was big fan fan busy s DDOS leeping, got into junior high school after fan been worse, assigned by the teacher Far easier, as if that shelf full of books in my possession, I feel joy. . It makes parents worry sternly forbid me so on. I am unable to see Homework I lazily ignores not only met, if not in class reading novels to him was polite Newspapers, you don't want to fall asleep. At night, since then has developed "night time" habit, until now, if you do not lie in bed Lying on the soft pillow in reading didn't fall asleep, enjoyed, of course, but dangerous Xianxing greatly, if the book is too appealing, if you read it knowing, probably just read the Middle, Someone might read all night. People don't care when young, gradually grew old together, is it not with myself Health joke? So I think as a parent, children found to have indulged in the light reading Their classwork when it's not strictly prohibited, the best attitude to get to know the flow, how to ddos a website