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ddos an ip with cmd t history teaching also has a known history of patriotic movement asked Struggle to fight the eight-power a DDOS llied forces and the Taiwan people against Japan the fight agains DDOS t occupation, they kept going patriotic Sanyuanli in the history of the anti-British struggle, the Taiping struggle against reactionaries at h DDOS ome and abroad, the Boxer Fighting spirit surprised world, gods and spirits to tears, this is imperialism cannot be wiped out in China, but never Perish the root causes of China, our homeland, our nation's spiritual pillar. History teaching in Patriotic Education, there is no doubt that it should be enthusiastically praising the people's oppression of Justice against aggression Fight. Due to the limitations of class and history, history of the people's patriotic movement of its Shortcomings and weaknesses. Li DDOS ke boxers of superstition in ghosts of backwardness, and the hatred of imperialism Patriotism education not an option. I pointed out to the students, the Boxer "picked railroad line cut, Rotary Hatred of modern capitalism, producing technical and General xenophobia, but also for us today Using science and technology to distinguish it from the plundering of aggression, it will not only fail to "destroy foreign" purposes, nor Big ship destroyed ", shows that they're not Li modern advances in science and technology and imperialism Way to save the national peril. (2) pay attention to history, "one who sets an example of what not to do" in the role of patriotic education History is a complex procedure that is full of contradictions. Patriots and traitors, progressive and reactionary is always Opposing each other, exist simultaneously. Properly expose the villain crime, not only against the elite Role can also inspire students of class hatred, ethnic hate, reinforced patriotic feelings. For example, in China In recent history, like the Na Lashi, Li Hongzhang and Yuan Shikai and his ilk, is a rare one who sets an example of what not to do. Teac ddos an ip with cmd