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ddos this ip nctions: one is to remove the skin of dirt, dust, bacteria and other; the second is to remove grease, sweat secreti DDOS on of human keratinocyte and aging; three is to clean off the residue on the skin of makeup.   Facial massage requires that ma DDOS nipulation stability, precision, rhythmic demands action, thousands of soft flexible; low to moderate and the quick and orderly.   Facial massage should be moderate, not too long or too short, must be decided depending on the nature, status and age of the skin, dry skin, massage, skin less oily massage. In General, massage just 2-3 minutes a day; to a beauty salon for a professional massage, week massage 5-10 oily skin, nor DDOS mal skin 10-15 minutes 15-20 minutes dry skin, allergic skin best massage. Of course, massage through facial exercises, is also an effective way of massage. One of the most fundamental? DDOS   Pure neutral to no stimulation, massage products, suitable for Asian women's skin product. Therapeutic effect of massage with nourishing, penetration, containing natural plant essence massage cream can be used to massage the face, such as dry skin can be used in nourishing massage cream, skin with a refreshing effect of neutral oil massage cream.   ⊙ Breathing change good looks   Breathing is not only needed to survive, have started an art and a science.   We have this kind of experience from each other's breath, can sense the anger, hurt, confused, and more emotion. In life, some people will inevitably be affected by the negative emotional impact of that impact most directly on the face, including face and demeanor. Negative emotions are not only injurious to health, personal relationships, over time leads to negative face expressions. Therefore advise you, when we are feeling low or fluctuates, can be adjusted by means of breathing and eliminated.   These methods involve breathing techniques include: quiet breathing pattern (Calm-BreathingPatterns), the burden on breathing (ReliefBreathin ddos this ip