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ddos attacks april 2013 orical responsibility. All in all, in the history of the Chinese nation, always roaring with patriotic themes. Based DDOS on this understanding, I am in t DDOS he teaching of history, we should always insist on students in China's long civilization Yu, the Chinese traditional virtue education. Humiliation in modern history education, history education, the glorious struggle of traditional education and the national unity of the Chinese nation Church 2. the reform and opening up are important elements of the contemporary patriotism Patriotism is a historical category, has a different connotation in different historical periods. Patriotic home Justified in modern times is the important connotation of through internal reforms and opening to the vigorously developing social productive DDOS forces, Improve the overall national strength of China to create our State and nation survive in the fierce competition in the international Creating strategic basis for safeguarding national independence and national dignity. Reform and opening up are CPC based on ④ 1983 issue of the teaching of Arts in middle school. The collected essays on history teaching in primary and middle school (a). ⑥ 1989 issue of the teaching of history. ① volume 28th, 169 pages of the complete works of Lenin. Engaged in economic construction in the new international context and the particular circumstances of great decision, table The CPC striving for national prosperi DDOS ty and revitalization of the nation the height of patriotism. I In the teaching of history, especially in the teaching of modern Chinese history, to inject patriotism education The new content. To students to carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, in particular, carry forward the fine moral Traditional combination of education and education reform and opening up, and always maintain the culture of the Chinese nation master Hugh TRANS-century "four haves" make due contribution. Knowledge, forming the students ' syst ddos attacks april 2013