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ddos program online and restrictive policies at all levels and in all forms of resistance, Assistance at the time, he donated the plane; "wufan" movement, after a complicated struggle and he was forced to confess M DDOS y wudu malfeasance, guaranteed production under the leadership of the working class; the democratic reform, he had Wonder finally agree when the public-private partnership, through the twists and turns of the ideological struggle, finally applying for public-private partnerships, Taking the road of capitalism in the country, to a DDOS ccept socialist transformation, and so on. Isn't this what most Chinese national capital Middle-class path? Of course, he is not a left-wing of the national bourgeoisie, he in some Ma Muhan is better than only Centrists. Xu Yide cannot be classified as DDOS "against the Socialist leather Level can't go in there. Why? Because the national bourgeoisie in "defiance of socialist revolution and the enemy Life and hostile to the destruction of the Socialist construction of social forces and social groups "of the whole national assets-order As the destruction of Socialist construction "is a very small number, such as Zhu Yannian. Properly handled, according to comrade Mao Ze-Dong's Gay scientific conclusion, on December 27, 1977, in the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the seventh Comprehensive estimation of sample: "after several campaigns with the deepening and development of socialist revolution and construction, In a speech at the meetin DDOS g, about 28 years, the representatives of national bourgeoisie and its performance On the whole, the national bourgeoisie and the pleas and the Patriots, most of Intense, deep repeatedly struggled in the two classes, although many people have doubts and even repeatedly, but To accept socialist transformation gradually on the way forward. Maintains a bourgeois reactionary stance, stubbornly resists Socialist transformation is rare. "Obviously Xu Yide is not" reactionary guy "is not a contradiction ddos program online