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ddos test I'm more preference for Shiseido, Chanel, CD, l ' Oréal, Shiseido in particular. Maybe because is has had an Oriental Asians; perhaps Shiseido has more elegance and inclusiveness of the national content of the East. Of course, Shiseido is indeed excellent, almost imp DDOS eccable and flawless. At that time I still can't afford to buy abroad, Shiseido Cosmetics, often in their counter-like appreciation of art, admiring the refraction of light, delicate and attractive products, dreamed of a beautiful miracle.   A-grade skin care pro DDOS ducts: this is the select skin care one of the most basic level. This level there should be three categories of products: cleaning products, sunscreens, moisturizers, sunscreen is no less skin care products.   The second as DDOS pect is to choose the cosmetic kind. Brand established, you want to think about, I get to choose what kind of cosmetics. At present very many kinds of cosmetics, for your convenienc DDOS e, here is a simple method of skin care and cosmetic grade selection, level of classification is determined based on the magnitude and extent of skin care, you can according to their own spending power, select the appropriate level of skin conditions and age.   B-grade skin care products: cleaning, deep cleaning products, lotions, eye cream, day cream, night cream, sunscreen, at this level the addition of deep cleaning and day, night cream, eye supplies care to make care more intensive and targeted.   Three levels of skin-care products: in addition to primary and secondary above beyond cosmetics, additional masks, efficacy of cosmetics (whitening, speckle, wrinkle removal, anti-allergy, firming, acne, anti-aging, skin lesions, radiation and other effects). Skin care at this level being more comprehensive, will be complex and difficult to grasp, requires consumers to learn and acquire the relevant knowledge, a consumer expert.   Women should be loved cosmetics, woman who loves makeup woman has dreams, dream woman would have a ddos test