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ddoser 3.6 free om Mongolia people Teacher: this reasoning makes sense. Tsarist Russia's aggression turned into mobei Simon Can tolerate aggression, fough DDOS t here (where the arrow) launched an armed anti- Fight against aggression. Eyes were staring at the mobei Mongolia Galdan Boshugtu Khan thought it was conquest of mobei Mongolia Best time. Thus, aggressive Russia and ambitious Galdan Boshugtu Khan clicked right away Their secret communication, teamwork, Kashgar, Dan took DDOS advantage of Erysipelas from the people is working against Russia, His troops to 30,000, the big East, attacked from behind by the ongoing ant DDOS i-Russian peoples of the battle of mobei. Southern escape, have fled-a (thumbnail) People of mobei multiple, resist, lost hundreds of thousands of tent used as a dwe DDOS lling, and left the sheep and cattle Students: the desert in South Mongolia. Teacher: right fled to the territory of Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, have been joining the Qing dynasty, which is escape The Qing Government to govern the territory. They urgently requested government assistance. Kangxi Emperor Xun Response speed, he has accepted disaster of mobei in Mongolia people and ordered to withdraw Galdan Boshugtu Khan Emperor Kang XI had to say, and no words, please refer to your textbooks. Army production of mobei area. Galdan Boshugtu Khan instead of listening, to the Emperor Kangxi talk nonsense, he told Teacher: who can explain, what does it mean? Teacher: that's right. Can further analyze any longer? Health: your Emperor Kangxi ruled the South, I ruled the North. SS: he wanted to rule the North, to split China. Teacher: that's right. "Your Highness the Grand South, I look North" blatant manifestation of Qing Government Chamber meet as equals, dominate the North; "your Highness the Grand North, I long to the South", a separatist Face exposed head. In 1690, the Kashgar in Russia with the support of Dan, Chase Mobei Mongolia, outrageously, Inner Mongolia, butung, (thumbnail). Wulanbut ddoser 3.6 free