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free ddoser shells o reuse Yao Chong, Song Jing Liang Chen Yin and appear prosperous times, while later it was surrounded by a bunch of clowns, the political chaos could ?! "I think the color dazzling effect and traitors and usurpers of Emperor Xuanzong was the onl DDOS y way Facebook DDOS blocked out, Emperors a group debut in front of his class during this period, makes clear that the rebellion happened, Of course, supplement the emperors depicted in moderation, and shortages are undesirable. People's education society new teaching Transition of power and failure of the Tang dynasty in the minds of students left a deep impression. Teachers should not be supplemented. Material, add "tempo crisis", the description of the activities of the emperors at that time made some. So, (C) re DDOS flected the face of all time History of the emperors not only represents his personal, and often when he is ruled by the Logo. We say "when gaozu", "recession", "when the Emperor" here refers to his Domination of that era, does not refer to him personally. Current textbook writing style, according to the Chronicle Described in sections or classes, can be said to be in the Chronicle under the premise of a chronicle of the ins and outs of nature, This student faces is not easy to form a holistic view of the era. To this end, we tell our emperors, and cannot be Emperor Taizong was a distinguished politician in our nation's history, the famous Emperor, his reign Tell about emperors and emperors, but in the face of that era they ruled reflects "The rule of Zhenguan", from the Tang dynasty gradually flourished, showing a rare in the history of ancient Chinese Sheng World situation. Secondary school history t DDOS extbooks in all aspects in the early Tang dynasty are described at greater length to prosper Situation, Emperor Taizong's history is scattered in different sections (class) appears. In order to make Students learn the history during the reign of Emperor Taizong, while we need to follow the textbook's st free ddoser shells