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free soulsplit ddoser on the "establishment of Sui dynasty" this subheading, textbooks and only a short Some places which are omitted from the history of the transition from ev DDOS ent to event. Teachers in a lecture the best Teaching focus was not established in Sui dynasty, in fine teaching in junior middle schools do not DDOS have to speak, but for historical continuity Two lines for the end of the Northern Zhou dynasty, sui and establish this account for very specific linkage of former generations. : "Yang Jian was Northern Wei nobles, suiguogong. Daughter married Northern Zhou dynasty emperor was Emperor Empe DDOS ror Down and still have to make a point about Imperial instructions, former bait around children. I give this talk is Back, so his wife's or mother's relatives sorrow is Northern Zhou. Emperor's death, the son (jingdi) throne, as young as 8 years old (8 Year old child can understand anything! ) And external Qi Yangjian into Gong Fuzheng, dominated the Northern Zhou regime. Years to Heaven, even within the same dynasty, as a connecting link between, often through the activities of the emperors to sequential Rather than change when emperors-often through activities under coherent history Wear. For example, to "rebellion is pathetic and failure of the Tang dynasty", this concept makes clear that this period of history, They appeared on stage: I was asking the students questions recall Emperor Xuanzong ruled the former "Kaiyuan heyday" situation, I have Gallery of characters around the Emperor, and Emperor Xuanzong image amplification, enrichment, let him Told students late Emperor Xuanzong reign isn't the same way ever again. Caress me Emperor Xuanzong Yang, sink Alc DDOS ohol and be given to heavy drinking in song and dance, "from King earlier"; about Yang Guozhong's high-handedness, Li Linfu Honey belly sword, an Lu-shan of the obsequious fawning cheat trust, Yang said, baiyi mother Mean mug of the emperor ... Then tell students that: "early period of the Tang emperor Xuanzong t free soulsplit ddoser