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ddoser free bots view is that the scope of the new culture movement in the early Restrictions in the small bourgeois, bourgeois intellectuals. The lack of culture of the masses of workers and peasants, Not possible, it is difficult to understand the content. Mass movements directed at that time referred to the North Ocean the re DDOS actionary rule of the warlords. The bourgeois revolutionaries led by Sun Yat-sen had repeatedly Another warlord, rarely arousing the masses to participate in, and eventually will inevitably fail. Bourgeois political games The struggle against the Northern warlords, the main method used is the use of a load of warlords fighting In such a helpless state, bou DDOS rgeois cultural movements combined with mass movements. The following discussion For the new culture movement in the early view of the Eastern and Western culture questions. The so-called Eastern and Western culture Refers to the Chinese traditional culture and Western capitalist culture. Is China DDOS 's traditional culture with Confucianism Doctrine as the axis. Traditional culture has to do with the question of how to treat of Confucian doctrine. Absolute negation of attitude to Confuci DDOS an doctrine when the new culture movement, in fact, is the traditional culture Absolutely negative attitude. Other hand is definitely an attitude towards Western culture. This Sometimes can still see its impact so far. In fact, traditional culture some of the feudality in bad Species of Eastern and Western culture definitely and absolutely no bias, do influence later, Is reasonable and can be inherited. Of course, inheritance is critically inherit. Only critique Meals should be excluded should be critical, but the traditional culture is the product of historical development, Inheritance, innovation and development. Absolutely abandon tradition, culture becomes the root of the wood, The water, was talking about the lack of innovation and development. With the development of history, the legacy stuff Bound to app ddoser free bots