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free anti ddoser dical nationalist ideology in believing. When facing the Northern warlords Surface, Chen Duxiu as representative of the radical Democrats, introduced democracy and science Number. He believed that after thousands of years of feudal rule in China, lack of democracy and DDOS science, So should promote democracy against autocracy; promotion of science against the ignorance and superstition. He said Country rich and strong, must be "both science and human rights". Feudal domination China made progress significance to DDOS the slogans of democracy and science. Of course, said Chen du-Xiu Democracy, mainly refers to the capitalist political system, he said, science, refers to the natural sciences, [BB] third, down with the ritual of eating people and against the old literature DDOS Also includes some seeds from the West of idealism and social science theories. Teacher: have talked about promoting democracy against autocracy; promotion of science against the ignorance and superstition. A new culture Content of this movement include opposition to the old morality, advocates new ethics; against the old literary advocates new Zhong Shu's recommendations, implementation of "bachubaijia, Confucianism" since its rulers through the ages of Confucianism and Taoism DDOS Literature. Old ethics refers to the Confucian tradition, led by Confucius morality. Han Wudi accepted Dong Traditional morality as a dogma, forcing people to profess. Against Confucian traditional morals is a new culture The spearhead of the movement. The modern society. He said "foolish beliefs of Republic, rows of Confucians. "Li da-Zhao pointed out that hole Chen du-Xiu in the articles published in new youth series of holes, argues the old ritual is not suitable for Is "t DDOS alisman of the ancient despotism". Li Dazhao, Zhili Leting people. In 1913, studying in Japan, Who had participated in the struggle against Yuan Shikai. In 1916, he published in the journal new youth, youth, The article made clear that China had free anti ddoser