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online rsps ddoser ucture. Economy Certain soc DDOS ial productive forces have some so DDOS rt of social relations of production. Productivity is the reason, production relations Based on reason, the superstructure is the result. Superstructure work against economic infrastructure and economic base Stone base reason for further development, and so on. Lenin said: "causality problem for any new ' master ① the Anti-Dühring 86th page, people's publishing house, 1970 Edition. A causal analysis and history general contact and abstract theories, we can make the students understand: "a ' Philosophical route is of particular significance. "① insisted to each history in history teaching The manner in which, DDOS the resulting society is divided into different classes, as well as among these classes The fight. "Give students the basic viewpoint of historical materialism education helps students establish the latest" master Ultimate cause of important historical events and a great power is the socio-economic development, mode of production and Exchange "Philosophical courses – proletarian world Outlook. Second, in order to analyze historical, you must also analyze the interaction of people. Social complexity Cast into the complexities of history. Social contradictions embodied by people's activities. Numerous individual huma DDOS n, hold Different purposes, conducting a wide variety of activities, interaction occurs between vertical and horizontal complexity. Club "Is a product of the interaction. "② class societies, behind innumerable individual wills, Benefit conflict with each other, merging into a General "joint efforts", historical events are produced by these joint efforts. Hidden nation, ethnicity, class, classes, groups of interest. Many identical, similar or opposite benefit Layers are involved in movement. Meiji is the power Act and conflict of Bakufu forces interactions 19th century Japan economic development, development of capitalist relations and deepening national crisis, almo online rsps ddoser