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online server ddoser teaching of history in the past, we often talk about comparison between Chinese and Western culture. Columbus ' discovery of the new The turn of the century, under the conditions of production and technology development, "in search of gold r DDOS ush" that led the Columbus adaptation Years, the research on this article points out that development of the seeds of capitalism in Western Europe 15, 16 The needs of the times successfully discovered a new continent. The incident accelerated the accumulation of blood and fire Cheng, promotes the development of capitalism, caused world economic relations between countries and regions and economic Significant changes in systems, is of epoch-making significanc DDOS e. Zheng He began doing capitalism DDOS has not been sprouting The feudal body, large-scale Festival, who have overseas, thin to thick, Western The more heavier the burden on the State. Although it was expanded in an objective many countries of China and the Asian-African JI cultural exchange, enhance the Chinese people's friendship with the people of those countries, but failed to promote in our country Changes in the development of productive forces and social systems. Recounting the relevant sections where of this view, you can Increasing discriminating capaci DDOS ty and ability of dialectical thinking. Enable students to see what looks like a basic through historical events different attributes, causing reflections on history, thereby The Soviet Government had implemented War Communism ... War Communism of Soviet Russia Teaching materials in describing war communism, wrote: "in order to defeat the enemy in extremely difficult conditions, Focus financial and material resources of the country and defeat the enemy played a positive role. "The fact is relative to total Problem is not as simple as textbook said. In recent years, some research articles that the war ring Border is just a catalyst of introduction of war communism. Problem is that the policy itself has many e online server ddoser