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where to download ddoser al concepts, which will help to develop the student's marks Cannot enable students DDOS to understand the colonial and semi-colonial and semi-feudal history concept really means. Dialectical thinking in view of SI. Cultivation of Marxist view of dialectical thinking, helps students to correctly view Justice to the world. "Dialectical philosophy, there was no static, absolute, sacred things. It pointed out that all things have a sign of inevitable demise; DDOS in front of it, in addition to extermination, Rising from the low to the advanced continuous process of endlessly, anything is untenable. "② macro History teaching is to be described by such a process. Strengthen macro-history teaching will also contribute to the Students establish correct world Outlook. This is particularly important for middle school students. (D) Well, s DDOS till have to resolve some specific issues. Above strengthen macro-historical methods of teaching and the importance to make this approach in the classroom Interlinkages and impact also wrote very little. World history note in particular of transverse link, but ignores the vertical 1. textbook of political history have more, less economic, cultural history, ethnic, national, social Has brought difficulties to the macro-history teaching. Way to do that is to have a codified science, More in line with the quickness in the history books. Of course, the b DDOS est books, nor arranges everything, To the East. Some countries only wrote several history, gives people without leaving any traces, without a trace of feeling. This Smooth road. Therefore, teachers in lectures, encounters no sense, should seek to open up, bolt should be proactive Elucidation of a clear. Connected, contact Unicom as far as possible. Only in this way can be buried in the accident of history of law 2. the key problem is that teachers are fully familiar with textbooks, familiar with all books involving the Chinese and foreign ancient an DDOS d modern Historical events, deep, wi where to download ddoser