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silent ddoser 2.5 download the object of the teaching of history And, therefore, importance of history, the teaching of history today, and students ' ideological work closely together in the future. Through teaching, students learn about the history, leading to a better understanding of today and look forward to the future in order to teach the history of education The purpose of. (B) The problem? Talking about below are some of m DDOS y ideas and practices. Knowledge of history is dead. History teaches How to solve in the teaching of history history, today and future of ideological and cohesive Art one of the feelings is to live, into the dead knowledge, history and "resurrection", Ancient and modern communication, so as to foster students ' patriotism. Many facts show that historically many love C DDOS ountry hearts, initially was struck by the emotional history in middle school. About the Nanjing massacre, only Speak out when Japan invader extreme murderous truth; said more than 300,000 people were slaughtered by the bloody They trembled, anger and understood shoulders heavy responsibility, willing to work hard for the rejuvenation of learning. Horror; speak out against Japan DDOS fascists who hate, to let the flames of hate going to burn the minds of students, Joys and sorrows into the history lesson, students with the real feeling, students evidently, Full of patriotism, and is willing to fight for truth, which is that every history teacher with a conscience must be ① no emotional history lesson is dieing of history lesson. Though it also enables students to remember history, but How much significance? Could not lead students to search for the truth. Pupils lose passion for the pursuit of truth, a history lesson To histo DDOS ry, today and future and students closer together, link must also insist on The principle of seeking truth from facts. Adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts is to adhere to Marxism as the guidance, Making the right narrative and historical analysis. Doe silent ddoser 2.5 download