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powerful ddoser download expansion steps against North Korea and other neighbouring countries, this is a. Second, Russia the aggressor In 1581, after crossing the Ural mountains, raging Ben kill all the way, less than 100 years, Picking up the majority of Siberia, seemed unstoppable. But when its aggressive magic Claw reaching China, finally was attacked by Chinese soldiers and combat, so as to curb its The aggressive edge, making DDOS it a long time unable to get their hands on China. What does this illustrate? Health: Chinese people's patriotic spirit dare to struggle against foreign aggressors. Teacher: very good! Also highlight shows a great strength of the Chinese people against foreign invaders. From 1547 Formation began years of Tsarist Russia, to the late 18th century, aft DDOS er more than two and a half century, Tsarist Russia invaded Slightly expanding the results? : Formed a gr DDOS eat empires that span two continents Europe and Asia. [Referring to a map and Blackboard: 3. outcomes: Russian perceptions across two continents Europe and Asia Empire] Teacher: [summary] combining Blackboard now talk about how to control the expansion process of the main content [ Said, pointing to the Blackboard]: "three tsars" section: DDOS grasping three "one" [ Three period [after 16, 17, 18, after 18]; three territorial expansion to seize three Czar, the first emperor, but also as a "noble Queen"];. B in order to seize "Sea" [the Caspian Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea], add "as" [Ural mountains] [Poland]. "17" related to catch on in Europe [Eastern Ukraine], second "Further expansion three times" section: caught in time is between the first two of the Czar, Asia [Siberia, China's Heilongjiang River Valley]. Grasp the characteristics of memory, the whole expansion process is also easy to learn. With the design of forms and project, and wrote on the side. Above and to the left of the table Teacher: final, students list sorted out this end main content. [Student total First three are complet powerful ddoser download