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nuclear ddoser free download interests of aristocratic landowners and b DDOS usinessmen. T DDOS eacher: that's right. Why aggression of aristocratic landowners and businessmen expand? Noble landowners asked to strive for new Territory, to broaden the source of exploitation. Businessmen asked to open up foreign markets and participate in the colonial plunder. Analysis on visible, Tsarist Russia was aggressive, is deeply rooted in history Causes and class. Students read texts. Went on to make Russia the total aggression and expansion Objectives, [BB: and the target ("roots" after ")] This is- DDOS Health (QI): trying to build up a h DDOS uge Russia Empire. Teacher: establishing what kind of Russia Empire? At the time of Peter I had a great empire Teacher: in Asia's goal? Students: two at the mouth of the opening towards Europe ... [Map] Born: in Siberia as a whole. Teacher: Yes, it gobbles up a huge Siberian [Map]. But it does not serve as a met, To occupy "the Heilongjiang ocean side"; one was heading south, attempted occupation of Central Asia, the Caucasus, Its aggression in Asia also targets the sea ocean. First, keep heading East [Map], Coastal areas of the Caspian Sea and Baja expeditions India, capturing India ocean ice-free port [Map]. It appears that Russia's aggressive goal is how arrogant! Then please to analyse 16 Russia of aggression and expansion process. [BB: 2. dilatation procedure] If the detailed analysis, you will find starting from Tsarist Russia formed two and a half centuries DDOS [BB: three Tsarist expansion] And external aggression and expansion in the most prominent, the most representative three Tsar. Which three? The latter two is obvious, one of the earliest Czar, at the end of the text See explanation. 16th century medium began to expand but with this time, again against the former Students: [read the text, pause speaking] is yifansishi. The text, you can know who the Tsar was. Teacher: that's right. Is the first generation of the Tsar yifansishi. [BB: yifansishi (mid nuclear ddoser free download