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mp-ddoser v 1.3 free download eld marshal, pig out Yagurensiji was installed as the first Attorney General staff belonged to Jews Sha Feiluo Was installed as Deputy Foreign Minister. Peter I reforms and not smoothly, but a fierce political struggle. Reform Conflict with DDOS the interests of a number of nobles and priests, who have organized cabal undermining reform or Incitement to Peter's son, Alexei fled abroad, help, ready to launch a rebellion. Peter No holds barred son extradition, took him to court, for treason The death penalty and guarantee the con DDOS tinuation of the reform. Last members to analyze the consequences of reform of Peter I. [BB: consequence] Born: Peter I reforms to promote economic development, strengthen military forces, consolidating the noble Country of owner and businessman, for further aggression and expansion of Tsarist Rus DDOS sia created the material conditions. Talking about foreign influence. In fact, reform and external aggression and expansion not be provided before and after, Teacher: that's right. First three sentences about the domestic impact, including economic, military, and political dimensions. The latter Slightly expanded for this purpose, it can be seen very clearly. Reform begins when? Separately, but at the same time, cross. Students just contact the following penetration Students: 1698 investigation began DDOS after returning. Teacher: that is not Russia Sweden began in what year the war in the North come from? Born: [read the text after the second statement] 1700 years. Immediately proceed to Sweden's war preparations. Third year 1700, Russia, Sweden declared war on Teacher: that's right. This means that Peter I visit after returning home, he immediately began to reform, while (1689-1796) map and pointed out that Sweden. ] But the beginning of the war How about the condition? War broke out in the North. DDOS [On the Blackboard hangs an enlarged Russian territorial expansion in Europe Students: the same year Sweden army defeated the Russian army a mp-ddoser v 1.3 free download