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ddoser 4.3 download the world anti-fascist war. China war Is the main battlefield of the second world war in the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese people in the eight-year war of resistance against Japan Always fight against Japan the army's main force, during the first 4.5 years in the war against Japan the army's total strength up to 70-94%, after 3.5 years, still 52-64% (according to Japan DDOS Defense Agency war history). Resistance of 8 years War, the Chinese army prisoner kill and wound more DDOS than 1.38 million people by the Japanese, along with the surrender of the Japanese army of more than 1.28 million people, a total of 260 All men. Second Sino-Japanese war was the second fascist powers, Japan failed to last and decisive factors The main force of the Army (in more than 1 million people), disrupting Japan's entire strategic deployment, DDOS By one. China is also an important battle of the entire war, because China's tightly fought battle North cannot achieve their plans to attack the Soviet Union, and to the South made it impossible to concentrate in the Pacific Britain and the United States Army. So as to effectively support and cooperate with the Soviet Union, the US and Europe and the peoples of the world against law The Sith War, influence on the process of the second world war played a glob DDOS al role. In this regard, Stalin and Roosevelt had been highly rated. In order to fight for the Chinese people's anti-fascist war Victory, made enormous national sacrifices. Incomplete statistics show that China's 8-year war, military-civil common Loss of 21.8 million people, two-fifths per cent of the total number of worldwide casualties of World War II. In short, the people Glorious achievements of the anti-Japanese struggle it will be ever remembered in the annals of history. Some World War II published in foreign countries whether it works often have a And devalue China's status and role of the b DDOS attlefield, and in this regard, we should pay special attention to in the teaching, Its ori ddoser 4.3 download