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how to get zombies for dark ddoser tion. Apa DDOS rt from the three great inventions, and in science and technology in ancient China, for example, in astronomy, Earth science and mathematics DDOS Science, agriculture, medicine, marine technology, building technology, and so on, there are too many is a world leader Approximate perfection when the Song dynasty of China's three great inventions – gunpowder, printing and the compass needle, in the Southern Song dynasty and the Yuan dynasty Important inventions, due to space limitations, is not listed. From thousands of years of history, our motherland has a long history, have a glorious revolutionary tradition and excellent Show the great nations of their cultural heritage, our nation is a great vitali DDOS ty to the World calendar Love the great national feelings. Have made significant contributions to the development of the h DDOS istory of peoples. Historically, cannot but arouse our great Motherland and In modern Chinese history (of a democratic revolution period) teaching, exposing foreign capitalism invasion , Describes the heroic struggle of the Chinese people's struggle against foreign aggressors, sums up the lessons of history I won't go into detail. Now I want to ask is: through the comparison between Chinese and foreign history, from China These three aspects are fundamental for patriotic education, I once wrote about it are discussed here Exhibition history overall on training students ' sense DDOS of national pride and national pride and Chinese modern history teaching An important aspect of patriotism. If from the point of view of the history of the world to observe China Some of the major events and activities, you would clearly see that, even in a semi-colonial and semi-feudal conditions , Our nation continues to be a strong vitality of the nation. In ancient China, from slave society to feudal society, until the middle of the Ming dynasty before, has been in the world People are opening the door to China, which are reduced to a semi-colonial and how to get zombies for dark ddoser