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ddoser v2.1 the purpose, requirements, means there are many interlinked Complete three tasks of middle school history teaching. "Four", is its emphasis on teacher-dominated Guide, with students as the main body for training as the main line, to develop DDOS the function of education as a whole as the main home. In order to Help teachers understand what they have in common and individual characteristics, I type, which typically focusing on Shao has "history of combined" history DDOS teaching methods, "in four sections" history teaching method and the "platform for signal" Table history teaching method. (C) lessons learned, proposed a five-step teaching method of i DDOS nducing On the exploration of the teaching methods, I summarize the teaching practices of teachers, drawing on advanced research results, Absorbing, presented initial ideas of the historical development of procedure teaching method. That follows the middle school history teaching rules DDOS Aimed at teachers and students pursuing the teaching process, teachers Will be well played. Its main points and steps of five: ① starting induction, namely introduction courses or import new class; Guiding role and students ' principal role through multi-level training thread, multiple perspectives, diversity, Mutual induction, seize materials backbone or focus, briefing or organize class discussions ④ aggressive solicitation , Explore ideas, and summary of issues and new learning requirements. ), ⑤ induced by entrenched, namely That teacher and student common summary (includes summary of thoughts, encouraging emotions, summary content, knowledge, and summary of intellectual Many forms of knowledge, training and skills training. The teaching method can also be said to be a teaching mode, But it must be based on a variety of teaching materials, teaching aim and teaching and teachers ' expertise, the actual situation Flexible application. The "five-step derivative" is fully consistent with the laws of history teaching in middl ddoser v2.1