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ddoser v5.9 ought and arouse enthusiasm, To cultivate an interest, they learn to be more proactive and more productive. Above capacity levels of classification, features and practical significance lies: ① it is based on teaching materials for Same level or different DDOS priorities, targeted and structured. Example of vertical linkages antibody, According to. In the teaching of history, teachers should be based on different content, different stages of determining competence does not Up. ② it end-play an integral function of thinking. Between the various levels is not only an integral part of internal Sectional Anatomy of the horizontal linkages, thought education enables kno DDOS wledge transfer, capacity-building, all three combine Degree, multifaceted training. ③ DDOS It requires a variety of teaching methods for it services, thus contributing to push Contact, and especially political, language, geography and other subjects interpenetration, mutual constraints. Therefore, depending on the course content or stage, liaison with other disciplines related to the knowledge corner In the reform of teaching methods. In a series of capacity-building process, has run through specific skills Training more purposeful and practical dimensions. ④ It can be made with the national examination centre entrance exam Training, such as memory, comprehension, generalization, analysis, synthesis, and other skills so that students DDOS think , Is a two aspects of problem. They are compatible and not mutually exclusive. Ability levels Integration of documented evaluation objectives. Division of evaluation objectives and capacity levels are to outline requirements for the base Division fully reflect evaluation objectives of capacity requirements. In turn, the evaluation objectives of capacity requirements Fully reflected in levels divided. We can according to ability level and evaluation Made a goal both coherent and consistent relationship ability training of middle school history and examine t ddoser v5.9