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ddoser tut oncepts of the first time, enable students to fully grasp. Teacher questions But in the 1870 of the 19th century, the major capitalist countries began the tra DDOS nsition to imperialism, they De DDOS scription at that time principal foreign invaders are opening China's door opening trade agreement tariff dumping goods. Monopoly in domestic and foreign markets, to seize the colony. Emergence of imperialist countries all over the world to preempt the session, Carved up colonial craze. China's frontier crisis and the Sino-French war, the Sino-Japanese war and the 90 's Divided at the end of spree is in an international context. I feel that such students can Acceptable. Don't tell too much about theory, characteristics of imperialism. Aggression, but also to enhance students understanding of the Qing Government's corruption DDOS . Ask students: "Beijing in 1861 DDOS coup d ' état Three new crisis, stressing China's borderland areas, in addition to the State capital – mainly of imperialist countries Master the power of the Qing government, and it's all clans, political corruption. Yi Xin Li Hongzhang was responsible for Foreign Affairs , Who mastered the real power of the Qing government, what foreign policy changed? "To enhance students understanding of NALA Four defeated Yakub beg, said Zuo Zongtang enter Xinjiang, both stressed the support of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and hold Supplies, fearing outside fawn on foreign powers, compromise compromise, which is the int DDOS ernal conditions of the new crisis in China's border areas. Raised edge yet, Hunan children all over the mountain. 3,000 newly-planted willow, Spring lock du jade. "It's Project, but also highlight the role of General Tso, to historical materialism to a student's education. "The great Poetry is General Tso's praise of the people. Finishing this section, Zuo Zong-Tang no longer appear in the textbooks, teacher Evaluation. Best main experience of guiding students to contact General Tso 's, he c ddoser tut