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ddoser source code other teachers, they represent the times Beijing History teaching standards, Dongch DDOS eng District, throughout the history of the district teaching among the best in the city. I was in These outstanding teachers in schools and districts and will soon grow into teaching the backbone. From my own personal growth In 1956, at the age of 22 in Beijing a history teaching group and the senior class to this Experience and teaching practice, impressed on me the importance of this issue. In the early 70, I , Dongcheng District, responsible for teaching and research and education work, more emphasis on the experience of older teachers push Broad cadre of young teachers and students. On the basis of my teaching and res DDOS earch activity in peacetime, has DDOS organized a dozen middle-aged and young teachers, not give them Classes to improve their business knowledge, but rather a DDOS variety of teaching practice to improve teaching skills, Teaching and research skills and writing skills. Our approach in general are as follows: "The seeds of capitalism", "the Qin and Han dynasties culture" and "culture of song and Yuan dynasties", in the collective preparation 1. lecture evaluation: lessons at the Centre under the guidance of a group, pick a couple of information difficult classes, such as On the basis of allocation specialist teaching and peer review. It is most effective to improve classroom teaching competence Meth DDOS od. In some cases, experienced teachers make a point of demonstration lessons, work faster. Heart problems to concentrate on research in order to advance or breakthrough. On the improvement of students ' ability 2. research: improving the quality of teaching needs to research and study a lot, select everyone interested in the most Issues, this is mid 80 's hot topic. We are seriously hard to thrive in theory And practice of combination of explained some questions, in addition to collective learning theory, a symposium, and also a number of small Topics for teachers ddoser source code