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ddoser rat long Perspective taking into account problems, rather than textbook teaches the chapter section. This is with the teaching and research work A qualitative difference. Teacher education for the school g DDOS rass-roots services, taking into account the practical needs of teachers. Nearly a dozen years See, it has gone through three stages: first crush "gang of four" for the first few years. Because "gang of four" allude to history, historical review of Confucianism and Taoism, for they usurp Party and State power, political Purposes, the DDOS result messed up history, true and false debate. This sta DDOS ge of education mainly in Beijing Museum-wide seminar, experts such as Professor Bai Shouyi, divided into thematic critique of "gang of four", Anyway, restoration of historical reality, and make teachers lecturing on such basis, with bottom. Second, 80 Medium-term of seven or eight years. Right track teaching work, economic construction and reform and opening up much-needed a large number of highly Quality talent, the "gang of four" teachers caused damage of serious landslides and needs a comprehensive Commission to improve levels of teachers. We work together with Beijing Normal University, Beijing Institute of education organizing To improve the qualification of diploma course. After several years of effort, presented two or three periods, making education supplement Until n DDOS ow, largely continuing education phase. Continuing education is lifelong education for adults, namely teachers by educational attainment Studies completed, the vast majority of teachers have been eligible under the national qualifications. Third, since the 80 's After passing the studies that are now in the first round of training, basic end next year. Continuing education Teachers ' titles divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, three grades. Elementary teachers to become familiar with teaching, Teaching basic skills, intermediate teachers to new ideas on how to enhance operational capac ddoser rat