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ddoser rsps jing since 1973, history teaching, Dongcheng District, Beijing, has been teaching and researching For reference by peers. (A) the teaching and research work Teaching is a science and an art, requires constant research, discovery and enhance. Teachers My school history teaching group is to develop teaching and research work based on DDOS urban teaching and researching sector should be given Help guide is to provide teachers and school services, must not be reversed. This is the first clear. With this awareness, urban teaching and research departments of school, learning to teachers, help experience To guide the plane. Dongzhimen middle school history teaching group is to conduct advanced teaching studies Bits. The group consisting of two rich teaching experience of veteran teacher Song Yuzhe DDOS n and Li Qingping, who is not only DDOS a discipline Business leaders, and highly respected, teacher, subject to respect of the entire group of teachers. Four young Driven by a teacher in the old teacher, were also eager to get ahead. Group formed to dig into teaching good habits in the community. I Organizing urban forces deep into the teaching and research group, participation in preparing for, attending, evaluation and other research activities, Together with the Group of teachers, summing up the old teacher's teaching experience, helping teachers grow more qui DDOS ckly. By Several years of effort, we published the Song Yuzhen teacher experience set to help young teachers Tan Tian grew to Promoting the teaching and research work of dongcheng district and the city's played a very important role. Business backbone, dongzhimen middle school history teaching Group serve as teaching and research work of the flag, the Teaching and research work is to study textbooks, teaching and learning methods. It is for teachers to prepare lessons, thorough understanding of and Knowledge of materials, implement the three tasks of history teaching, improve the quality of teaching has directly he ddoser rsps