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quantum ddoser of the need to have the right guidance, asked the education Must have a higher theory accomplishment of Marxism. History books are und DDOS er the guidance of Marxism Prepared by the teachers ' lack of theoretical training difficult to handle materials, errors often occur. I remember 50 Heart xintongcili "point of view, not on the anti-Japanese Kuomintang class analysis. It is possible to forgive The mid sixties, one of Beijing's old teacher raises in speaking the anti-Japanese "people wi DDOS th this Solutions because just liberated soon, old teachers about historical materialism of Marxism study do not go far enough, Inevitably there was even some idealistic. But by the mid-80, I heard a young teacher about anti-Japanese war War, he introduced the symbol of anti-Japanese Kuomintang frontal battlefield activity, this is desirable, but the KMT Partial resistance of the war of resistance against Japan and its course with DDOS out class analysis, it is a defect. This is a tendentious Teaching arose, per se, for teaching and teaching orientation. Issue. Due to neglect ideological and political education, not paying attention to the basic viewpoint of Marxism in command material, History is a social phenomenon, complex and div DDOS erse. Learning history without the correct theory and ideas Guidance is not easy to see the nature of the historical phenomena and trends. Ancient Chinese historian Jin Jingfang taught Grant said: "there is no Marxism as a guide, I know those literature or can't explain it, or No connection are just some of the dead things, never get any problem solved. So I history while reading Books as reading of history as you experience. "Professor Dai Yi said:" without the guidance of scien DDOS tific theories, can only be found Sets, parallelism and historical information describes the individual fragments of history and knowledge of history and the law of the Quality, or even misguided, draw erroneous conclusions. "History, teaching, too. My own experience, if on quantum ddoser