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ddoser ps3 pposition parties, does not understand what is a formalism to th DDOS e "left" and right Levels still have to learn to study political theory, enhance the ideological level. From then on, I started a system of Political theory and business education. I participated in distance learning, History Department of Beijing Normal University, read through the Mao Zedong selection Titles such as the resolution on some histo DDOS rical issues, political theory and operational level of great progress. Series, and focus on learning of the Chinese revolution and the Communist Party of China, under the theory of new democracy, the customs After decades of teaching practices, learning and improvin DDOS g, I gained some knowledge of the Inspections, but still difficult to teach history in am. This is because the course is a comprehensive discipline of history, is a social studies Basis, including all aspects of social life. Astronomy, geography, politics, economics, literature and arts , Scien DDOS ce and technology ... Tweets. This requires that the teacher must have a broad range of knowledge, although not Specialization, but must be read, become Deng Tuo and Wu Han advocate "eclectics". And one of the essential Frequency, monk and determination of the Meridian and so forth, need to consult expert to understand. In this regard, Limited problems mentioned in the books are very difficult to understand. Such as Zu Chongzhi calculated I have suggested to Shi Zongben teacher learning. He is teaching history in Beijing accepted "you won't feel bored, tireless" Man. He went to Yen Ching Restaurant University and Fu Jen Catholic University, knowledge base deep and hard, learning is not While DDOS stock lasts. In order to ascertain the religious issue, he visits for advice of pastors, imams and Buddhist, in order to clarify the literature and art Referred to in the renewal of the characters and artwork, he saw the original and many biographies. Speaking lesson A lively and fascinating. Secondary schoo ddoser ps3