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ddoser program download to students This description must stick to the facts and is split in two, to be convincing, not hollow. Of course, Collective, national development and development of human relat DDOS ions, personal relationship with the masses make history ... , And so on. Do not, per se, what students have a specific problem, addressing any specific problems. But to We can not "try to do everything all by oneself", combined with political, linguistic, social and other disciplines. Catch, helpi DDOS ng them establish correct world Outlook, Outlook on life and values of science, with the correct state Methods to observe the understanding of history and social reality. Teachers teaching plays a crucial and decisive role. What we preach, teachers say 3. the deeds. Ideological and political education in the teaching of history is primarily achieved through clas DDOS sroom teaching Should also be done yourself or strive for. Second, teacher, role model. Teacher learn DDOS ing Students ' learning model in mind. Without these two hardly has any actual effect of ideological and political education. Super calendar History teacher Shi Zongben, Chen Yuxiu, who has profound knowledge and noble morality, public People with good sense, thought-provoking and inspiring. Personally, I also have this kind of experience, I am full of passion Recognition of the venerable old teacher. They speak of the Renaissance of the Torghut regression Lecture on "San·yiba", "YiEr·JIU" and other movements and long, often making students ' emotion To tears. History teacher after listening to me teach these subjects, often invited me into their school, For all students in lectures, also received good results. But some of our teachers, usually baggy, loose Fun, not serious teacher speaks, students listened to laugh it off, not ideological education effect. Uninhibited, Jinggangshan classes taught the hard life of the soldiers of the Red Army, the associated students afraid of hardship, Same content, same thing, different ddoser program download