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kryptonite ddoser ruggle against imperialism and feudalism, however, only obtained initial The victory. Now we ask the students to summarize, the "May Fourth" movement what is the fuse? [Learning Talking about][the Blackboard: (a) the fuse] "May Fourth" movement sparked by what? XXX students tell you about. Health: it is against Germany at th DDOS e Paris peace treaty, becoming the "May Fourth" movement triggers. Teacher: such an argument was not sufficiently clear, and you tell it specifically. Students: the peace toward Germany, it was decided that Germany In China right away to Japan, which caused the indignation of the Chinese people. I DDOS s the fuse. Teacher: please sit down. Can be as simple as to say that is the Paris rejected the just demand of the Chinese people, this ]Xxx, please tell, okay? Come on, try to briefly outline a few Please put "May Fourth" movement through the overview. [BB: (ii) Teacher: Yes, rallies, protests, and demonstrations. [BB: demonstration] Teacher: burning of the Z DDOS hao Jia Lou, or Oh, [BB: burning of the Zhao Jia Lou] Teacher: meet Zhang Zongxiang, I don't think th DDOS is is important. "Laughter," doesn't it? Keep important adjectives. Teacher: Student Association after its establishment, what? Teacher: and what action was taken? After the demonstrations, students were arrested, they have the Protest action? [Section]: on strike! Teacher: general strike, [BB: general strike] demonstrations, burning of the Zhao Jia Lou, the general strike. Well, the next Teacher: power received-- [Section]: national responses. Teacher: the national response, indicating what the problem is? [Some]: movement to expand. [Align]: June 3! T: symbol of the movement to expand what is? Me a very important day, forget it. Teacher: "63"! 63 campaign, [BB: "63" campaign] was a pivotal event, "63" after the campaign, the situation has changed significantly, then the last? Students: the workers were on strike. Teacher: the strike that the campaign has become the mai kryptonite ddoser