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ddoser ip grabber ica means it's hot. Under the Sunburst here is sand The desert, you can imagine how hot it is. Coupled with the supervision of the whip, there are many slaves, peasants in DDOS Died here. There are two people, one person had died and the other has just fallen, People spray water hope he survived virtually impossible. Dead people are Mil DDOS lions, like students, said the picture is an ancient Egypt of farmers and slaves in brutal slavery Historical witness. [BB] 2. hard labour is Egypt slaves, peasants were witness DDOS es of brutal slavery Egypt slave Transferred like livestock, according to calculations, a side, they are engaged in agricultural work, to engage in Hand DDOS icraft work, also labour, like pyramids, and most difficult of toil by him To share the burden. For example, open copper mine, opened gold mine or when the boatmen, porters, slaves To serve. The slave is free to send, no, I still can play, you can sell, rent, But also kill. So m DDOS any slave owners beating a slave can be seen on the ancient murals Situation. Slave clothes are very simple, often naked, life was very difficult. Egypt And is relatively early in a slave State, the slaves a few, mostly prisoners of war. Large Farmers, particularly of farmers lost their land, their circumstances and a slave, he To slave-owners lease land, most of the harvest to the slave-owners, and Taxes, tribute to the King, local tribute, tribute to the temple, such as delay in payment Card. Textbooks said pyramid is a stone, which was good, was Egypt labour people Beaten and mutilated. Pyramids are Egypt peasants as slaves in the brutal history of slavery Crystallization of blood and tears. Now there's a question, Egypt slave farmer here, engaged in the kind of hard Labor, made the King's grave, slave farmer do? Of course, not to. Or not, and why did they come? [Pause, specify student] SS: because slave owners own the means of production, and control the State apparatus. Teacher: Yes, please sit down. Slave State app ddoser ip grabber