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gb ddoser v3 gnificance of the triumph of the revolution, I asked the students to contact, the Communist Party leading Chinese revolution From victory to victory, to further understand the meaning of landscape after the Communist Party of China. In order to teach students the key, let them open the door of knowledge, I attach grea DDOS t imp DDOS ortance to teach science Basic methods of analysis of all kinds of problems. For example, how to analyze the cause of the revolution, I was in analysis When Taiping causes abstracted. I point out to the students, analysis of DDOS historical materials must be Economic conditions, financially do so first find contradictions. Eve of the Taiping rebellion, the high concentrat DDOS ion of land, Put it in a specific historical context study and historical environments are the most basic elements of social Development of agricultural production have been severely hampered, after the opium war, foreign capitalist commodity in China tilt PIN, squeezing out traditional crafts. This contradiction must focus on the economy reflected in politics, so Followed by analysis of the class relation. After the opium war, influx of goods, coupled with compensation, white Silver exodus in order to pay reparations, the Qing Government intensified exploitation, artisans and farmers in a large number of bankruptcy, Class conflict has reached acute proportions, the revolution is inevitable. But why did the revolution Outbreak at this time, but also analysis of the revolutionary situation. From 1846 to 1850 and has been suffering from famine, People's lives have to be recognised, intifada, indicate rulers cannot be business as usual has been ruled and governed Live cannot be business as usual, revolutionary situation has been formed. But the revolutionary situation uncertain eruptions formed leather Life, but a DDOS revolutionary organization or leadership effort, so must also describe Hong Xiuquan and and worship the God of leather Life activities. Through this analysis, I a gb ddoser v3