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ddoser for android as the peasantry not working class leadership, not Righteous thoughts without victory concentrated on Northern Expedition, reflecting a conservative ideological; without establishing a base flow Analysis reveals that the specific reasons for the failure: the tianjing incident leading group divisions, reflecting the sectarian Combat decentralism's DDOS performance; the day after Beijing capital, building strictly hierarchical order, which is feudal Modernist thought; this kind of narrow sectarianism, conservative, decentralized, feudalistic thinking, look Knowledge is consc DDOS iousness of the peasantry, so root-cause limitation was the peasantry class. After this Samples revealed that students about this conclusion is more convincing, large scale of Taiping H DDOS eavenly Kingdom movement, a long time, and Is the highest level, the results are inevitably fails, if you're attention to the peasant uprising in history View reveals that this implementation. Formation of the basic views and there's a deepening process. For example, people make histor DDOS y, a Formation of the basic points, go through an extensive deepening the historical fact. At various times, political Governance, culture, the military revealed the people's role. In addition, but also from the opposite side, that is, if Out of bound to fail this aspect of the masses to correctly understand, can enable students to build up this basic view In many cases, a textbook of basic education through a series of summaries, links to Capitalist production, development, decline and rise of the labor movement, development and growth and the success of the historical facts Analysis, summary, General, will tell. Replaced by the feudal society to capitalist society, Powerfully revealing. For example, the class struggle necessarily lead the proletariat to this view, th DDOS rough the entire Through close contacting high school fourth and eighth chapter of world history and in-depth analysis can be convinced Force. From the feudal ddoser for android