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empire ddoser t And historical figures are also to reveal the society development regulation exists. History one of the characteristics of Is the Revolutionary Unity and science. Ideological educa DDOS tion and knowledge than any other in the history of education Discipline more closely together, this was true, because history documents the deve DDOS lopment of the human society Process, a process that has the law, the law is the law of social development, which determines community Judging from the ideological education contents, and ideological aspects are interconnected, but in terms of its meaning, Development of education is the DDOS Foundation of education in history teaching. Society toward socialism, communism, so hard fought for, it's all thought education Education of social development law in the broadest sense. Social developing law is the general law of social development, and Core issue is the basis for all aspects of the ideological education. For example, moral education, morality is a class And historic, different socio-economic structures have their own ethical views and standards because the road Tak is a certain code of conduct, depending on the material conditions of society and its ruling class Change log. Early in the primitive society, low productivity, cannibalism is not considered to be Immoral, when exploiting class-dominated, exploitation, oppression of others, nothing decadent sent Life is not considered to be immoral. Only Communist morality are the most objective impartial, because It is humanity. Therefore, our morality quality education in history teaching, must be combined with social Different stages of development, critical decaying morals of the exploiting class DDOS , praising cares about most people's interest, The morality of promoting social progress. Patriotic education as well. Specific elements of patriotism without Patriotic always pull a bourgeois middle-class country. So I am in history teaching, based on historical development With the empire ddoser