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ddoser download mac of Buy less and sell more, while Western Eu DDOS ropean Manor is a self-sufficient natural economy; from the perspective of exploitation, a large plantation was slave Join the own the means of production and producer, the feudal lords of the Manor does not fully occupy the producer in Western Europe, a large plantation Slaves had no legal marriage and the family, no private property, and serfs of the Manor Economy, large plantation slave owners of slaves to arbitrary killings, bought Manor slaves can only be tortured, Sells, not arbitrary killings. After this comparison, students learn about slavery and feudal economies A more comprehensive, can DDOS also be seen advances in feudal slavery. Concept also helps students understand the realities, increased interest in learning. But the vast DDOS majority should be conceptually Comparison of historical and modern is also a very important tool, it helps s DDOS tudents understand history Comparison or point of comparison. For example, Han, rabbis and Socialist slavery code code More capitalist country comparison of two party system of bourgeois democracy and democratic socialism. (2) each occupy a certain place in the historical concept conceptual system, such status not only in the concept Reflect, and tend to be most essential meaning in the concept. Therefore, in the process of concept formation, I note Linkages with related concepts, for example, France June 1848 uprising and France February revolution and France Second Empire link is causal. With the workers ' uprising in Lyon, 1831, 1834 and 1871 Contact the Paris Commune, it can be seen in Franc DDOS e's status in the workers ' movement. Workers uprising in Lyon was the first Armed uprising of the workers, had proposed "Democratic Republic" slogan, which is clear enough. Identified in the June uprising, "down with the system of exploitation of man," "long live the Republic of democratic society" Clearly reflect the requirements of the proletariat, is the fight against the ca ddoser download mac