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ddos neustar on released on let her sing a "former". State, three returned to Shang Zhou. Shangzhou southern shanyin County, in the West of the county town of, new aboriginal lifestyles, I have seen, a layer of reflection, I wrote of the shangzhou further, wrote the novelette of the chicken Wo WA families. DDOS My advice yourself: to summarize the pros and cons of the Moon ago, to be more faithful to the art, Striving for new works to do something after my own heart. Wrote on February 25, 1984 at dusk Liang Xia DDOS osheng Originally known as Liang Shaosheng. Rongcheng, Shandong people. Former Heilongjiang bingtuan farm workers. 1977 Chinese Department of Fudan University graduate. Former Beijing Film Studio editing, screenplay, C DDOS hina children's Film Studio Skin shade ' and ' death ', Novella collections of the world, the novel a Red Guard Editing. 1979 began publishing works. Author of short stories of the A Moment of Romance, the white birch Confessions, from Fudan University to the North, Journal of Syracuse, and the Rings ' and ' vampireff '. Among them, the short Novel, this is a land of magic ' and ' father ' and novellas of the night a Blizzard National outstanding mediu DDOS m and short fiction award. I added a brick--the storm tonight, the birth of Comrade Wang Meng said in his comment of the night a Blizzard: "it is a Tablet for a genre tree. Markers in the tree in the reader's mind. "This evaluation is enthusiastic, but too much. I have a habit of Often read their published works--a slight impact and don't draw attention; Well written and the writing sucks; should be written without writing; loss of confidence in the process of writing But in the end, after all, was completed. Through his work, or indeed of "mirror". Like People say you are "Adonis", then myself to seriously looking in the mirror looking at myself, myself Originally just a mediocre. Like you ugly people say it was "an eyesore", then Objective in mind, we will find someone else from your face, bod ddos neustar