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paid ddos service . Reasoning is one of the basic principles of education. Awareness is DDOS from emotiona DDOS l to rational people, from the concrete to the abstract. There is no perception, rational way Produce. Only on emotional stages, awareness cannot be deepened. Students not only have the perceptual cognition, And have a rational cognitive ability, abstract thinking ability has a high development. Simple concrete images Does not meet their own development needs. They are often philosophical exploration and research on the value of life Cables, and so on. Love is not a reason not to listen or psycholog DDOS y. Major principles not only to reason, but also thorough reasoning. I was liberal arts class about the science Chapter, the birth of communism, just write the title, a student said: "Marxism has been "Have you read Marx's works please? "I asked with a smile. "Well, I'm just saying my opinion. If you do not agree with my point of view, after class, we can also Attentively listening. She smiled. In this way, eliminating her rebellious, she listened particularly carefully. All students also Activist experience, focusing on four aspects of his opinion. So, I described the historical conditions and scientific communism of Marx and Engels as a global Dictionary of political economy, Utopian socialism, and the latest achievements of the natural sciences, with their great talent and First, Marx and Engels have absorbed the best of humanity--classical philosophy, ancient Battle practice, development and tran DDOS sformation of a those doctrines, the establishment of a system of scientific communism. This system, Was the Supreme wisdom of mankind, have great vitality and charm. In many countries, Take Marxism as weapons, achieved the victory of the revolution. So far, Marxist social Guiding ideology of the State and the political party of the proletariat. 40 years ago I received a Marxist, to Today still believe in Marxism. And each specific conclusions. Her view of the world, namely paid ddos service