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tor hidden service ddos egularity, form scientific pedagogical thought, to make the teaching process and gradually , So as to receive the best results. Social modernization, modernization of the requirement of teaching work. The teaching process should focus on knowledge Formation DDOS boundary; should be focused on "teaching", research-oriented teaching pattern at the same time, the importance of "learning", Transfer and accumulation at the same time, pay attention to the development of students ' intellectual, physical and moral and Outlook on life and the world Attention to the studies of law; at the same DDOS time stressed the leading role of teachers, and importance to learners --The initiative and enthusiasm of the students, and emphasis should be placed on strengthening basic knowledge, basic skills, while Stress on cultivating students ' learning abilities and creativity. About modernization of teaching service, should not be whether the ov DDOS erall Traditional teaching theories and methods, theories and methods of modern teaching, only inherits traditional teaching On the method and on the basis of development and innovation. The teaching process is a special type of cognitive processes, so you want to Mastery of scientific and cultural knowledge of humankind's long been built up; the teaching process is also a promotion Physical and mental development of the students, so pay attention to developing the student's physical strength, intelligence, creativity, and per DDOS sonality. China's primary and middle school teachers in teaching practice, has created many valuable experiences, the formation of many Special education or teaching ideas. In particular, they contend, not only for the education in our country Jiangsu Education Publishing House was recorded in the famous Chinese teacher of teaching ideas, published by, Super is set to teach Cause of hard work, but also for modern teaching theory has made an important contribution to the development of the idea of. River I believe that tor hidden service ddos