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ddos botnet service investigations spent ten ships, and more than 1000 employees, called a veritable battle in water, involved divers are all a few minutes highlights its unique position among old fishing is no exception, but later learned, in fact, old fishing that does not la DDOS unch.   Why? He was going to do underwater salvage some irrelevant. Old fishing capacity at the time was the people's Liberation Army Navy amphibious Scout reconnaissance troops – authentic, first water ghosts, you let him across the seas to DDOS get a military grenade or ears what's more famous (old fishing but never admitted this, but watching him chop chop all that quite hard to imagine ... ), You let him go fishing boat, sounds big – but of course it was not unable to do, this is just like the Co DDOS ok like a surgeon, maybe he could have the surgery, met Cook, province even the anesthetic, although chop is a man came to the bone, the nature of the work, after all, something different.   In fact, we all understand that this is an arduous task, Rao was Zhang Zhikui veteran familiar with the situation and face major people, only "junlingzhuang" and stirring emotions. Old fishing said Zhang Zhikui, this man what is good, is proud of is getting worse, red-faced man, overseeing DDOS investing, didn't have a very good relationship. This person have difficulties not easily open, and still is, "we can't afford to lose that person." But this time he is not at all straightforward – we reluctantly, if possible for US Navy equipped with standby.   Chinese divers are divided into two main sections.   Some civilian divers, to "reload" diver as a standard image, shaped like a Samurai helmet armor pierce the top of, there are three similar large lobster diving depth can be more than 50 m. Of course, with the development of time, the Navy was now also have a lot of salvage, particularly for submarine rescue capability, the turning point was salvaged by leaps. This action exposes the weakness of diving in China, and ddos botnet service