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ddos attack service provider ost" of career rather revere and curious, after all kept, tops listening people said said short sword on shark of thrills, now wanted to wanted to, errors had has not kn DDOS own how many good things, rather regrets.   SA and "water ghost" began to have a common border, because to your elders to participate in the relevant work, has had contact with Navy friends, several of which is "water ghosts". Troops und DDOS er them, he grandly entertaining "expert", also had his Navy water spirits went fishing of sea urchins and abalone, water spirits tell us Sea Urchin yellow has a name, called the "cloud", and did so far does not justify a claim. Brought back from Lushu DDOS n mussels of the reservation for more than 10 years, is also a diver is said to be a gift for a frien DDOS d.   Until the mid 90, in Qingdao for a project, this project is something involving the military, Qingdao area there is a landscape ever so strange ordinary, undercover boss, also introduced water spirits came from, it's not not surprised by people, of course, when he was retired. Of bringing home some of the old gang, but this guy awesome, turned out to be the old-timer from their line, and in some cases quite legendary.   From then on, when collecting some of the relevant information, would like to have the opportunity to write their stories, including Navy divers forces built, scooping up the Awa Maru, recovered by leaps, water spirits in the channel, and so on, then, when admitted, even I myself were a little water from the Chinese ghosts evil.   In addition, levels of water spirits in China, is not required to play, as far as I know as a friend, ten years from now all of a sudden get his message, turned out to be a country in South America as a representative of a large company's business in China. It leaves a brother, I have doubts, troop retired staff abroad have been reportedly is still relatively tight, he man, how can you escape? Besides, the country known for its drugs, guerrillas everywher ddos attack service provider