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how to program a ddos attack -- NO.11 gang Lu: eyes in the near futu DDOS re for one of the brightest (2) (photo)   Gang Lu's view   If the appearance of bags under the eyes are swollen to dwell, and tension of the skin tissue, can be used for correction of conjunctival route. This kind of operation, through small incision of conj DDOS unctiva, will form a distended dwell outside of orbit septum fat resection to remove bags under. This method is less traumatic, appearance without any trace, just some slight swelling bruising after surgery, but can fully recover within a week.   If the pouch has formed, and did not fix the situation, indicating the bags under formation is caused by pathological changes of organization structure; this nature can only be treatment by cosmetic DDOS surgery. Bags under the principle of treatment is to take out the orbital septum to some excess fat, tighten orbital septum reinforce its support, shorten the orbicularis oculi muscle to improve its tension, remove excess skin to smooth out wrinkles, bags under also have different forms of expression. For example with the expansion mainly neutron-like appearance, there is mainly based on appearance of wrinkles, and eyelids cheek ditch deepened, it manifests itself in different forms, appropriate methods are available to cure.   Integrated performance for more than two bags under the eyes, to be carried out through the how to program a ddos attack